How League of Leagues works

How to Play

Entry is FREE to play and each entry will be entered into the Main League and the league for their favourite team. 

Choose any 10 teams (plus 3 sub teams) from English Premier League, Championship, League1, League2, and National League - you cannot choose the same team more than once.

Pick a Trump team which will earn you double points for the points they earn during the time they are your trump.

Each week you can change your Trump team and rotate up to 3 teams with your Sub teams - this comes in handy if your picks have a tough game or if there is something like an international break.

Entries must be submitted before the first game that month kicks off – entries submitted after this time will not count

Only one entry per person per month.

What Games are included?

Only Games played on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday count – as lower leagues play a lot more midweek games to this keeps it even between divisions

FA Cup Games from 1st Round - Providing they are played on a weekend as above. Replays played mid week do not count.

No Champions League or Europa League (they play midweek anyway)

EFL Cup Final - the earlier rounds are mid week so again do not count.

No Football League Trophy games

What happens if my teams match is postponed, cancelled or moved for TV?

We cannot control the weather, the TV companies or any factors around postponement. If your teams match is rearranged due to TV or postponement it will only count if it is moved to the same month and falls on a Fri-Mon. Sorry anything outside of this the match will not count to your total.

How to score points

Results: 3 Points per win, 1 Points for a Draw, Nothing for a Loss. Results are on full time for FA Cup games - if extra time this is taken from 120 minutes

Goals: 1 Point for every goal scored if your team wins or Draws, nothing for a loss

Trump Team: Choose a Trump team and get Double Points. You can change your Trump team each week - to one of your other active teams.

Bonus Points:

5 Bonus points if your team scores 5 or more in a single game


The winner is the person with the best overall score for all their selected team, after the last games have been played that month.

What happens if there is a Tie at the end of the Month?

Selections will be ranked on the below criteria in order.

  1. Number of Wins for all selected teams
  2. Goals Scored for all selected teams - that count in LOL (only GS in wins and draws)
  3. Points total not including trump team

Admin's decision is final - this is Gareth Thomas unless specified


How much can you win

There are no official prizes at this point in time. I run this site for free and for fun. We may in future introduce some prizes, but announcements will be made before that happens.

If you wish to run your own mini league and have your friends/colleagues pay entry please ensure you are complying with the relevant local Laws, and of course Gamble responsible. League of Leagues is in no way linked to any local mini leagues or prizes.