So you’ve registered to play League of Leagues, what’s next?

1. Read the Rules

The first thing you should do is familiarise yourself with the rules. Simply go to THE RULES and have a read. The rules may change from time to time, but we will announce these prior to them taking effect, and the rules page will be updated accordingly.

2. Research

I’m sure you’re a font of football knowledge, maybe you know everything about your beloved club, or even your most hated club. However, for League of Leagues, you need to know a bit more about all the other 114 teams (there’s a 116 teams to choose from). Things like their form, fixtures for the upcoming month, and any major news. If you want to go the extra mile watch all the games – although I don’t imagine your boss or other halves will be happy with that approach.

3.Pick Your Teams

Once you’re ready to enter, head over to ENTRY to register your entries for the coming month. You must make sure that your entries are submitted before the first game of the month. The NEW PICKS page will usually have a counter to let you know when that is. Entry opens from midway through the current month for the next month’s game.

4. See how you’re doing

Your teams will be visible in the MY PICKS page within 1-2 hours of your entry, or at the start of the month, if you enter late in the entry window. The MY PICKS page also allows you to

  • See your up coming fixtures and results for the current round
  • View a summary of how you scored your points
  • Make changes to you Sub and Trump teams
  • View your mini leagues
  • View overall standings
  • View all results.

5. Create/Join a Mini League

Mini leagues are a great way to play league of leagues with your friends and co-workers. From my picks mini league tab (Trophy with an M) you can click to create or join a mini league. Once created/joined this will show in your list.

6.Keep up to date

Results are Updated within 1 hour of the match ending, so you can see how you are getting on each weekend. Make sure you like our FACEBOOK page as we’ll post links to the weekly review blog, current standings and monthly results. Alternatively log into League of Leagues and go to the BLOG section for the latest posts.

7. Get in touch

We are always happy to hear from Leaguers, no matter what the topic. You can get in touch through our CONTACT PAGE, facebook or directly via email at