League of Leagues is a monthly fantasy football competition focusing on teams rather than individual players. You pick 10 teams (plus 3 Sub teams) from the top 5 English Leagues (Premier League, Championship, League1, League2, National League) – 116 teams to choose from.

English top 5 leagues

Score points for results, goals scored, bonus points and double points for your trump team – what could be easier? Full rules can be found here but the summary below shows you how it plays out.

How to Play – see bottom of page for in-play images

  1.  Research (Optional)
    • Fixtures – How many matches are the teams playing, are the games on a weekend (Fri-Mon)?
    • Form – Check out the form guide and see who is playing well.
    • Who’s playing who – are your possible teams playing each other? Top of the table clashes? Are they playing the divisions whipping boys?
  2. Pick your teams – you can review fixtures before you submit. Don’t forget to pay your entry using the PayPal link.
  3. Play the game
    • My Picks – full review of how your teams are doing
    • My Teams Fixtures – a chance to see your teams games for the current week and month – easy to see how many games you still have to play
    • My Score Summary – see a breakdown of how you scored your points
    • Mini leagues
      • Setup your own mini league or join another
      • Standings shown for Round, Month and Season
    • Update your trump team each week
    • Change up to 3 sub teams with your active teams each week
    • Standings are available for Round, Month and Season
    • All Results
  4. Updates
    • Facebook – like the facebook page for details of the week and entry timings – https://www.facebook.com/leagueofleaguesfootball/
    • Notifications – turn on website notifications
    • Blog – Weekly/Monthly summaries, Monthly previews
    • Whatsapp – Join the WhatsApp¬†group for the additional chat.


Screen Shots from 2017-2018 Season gameplay.