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August 2018-2019

Welcome to the new season of football and League of Leagues. We have made a lot of changes to the site so please do let us know what you think.

  • Sub teams: you can now pick 3 additional teams that you can use throughout the month.
  • Mini leagues: create your own mini league or join someone elses. There is also a Mini league for each team in League of Leagues.

Top Picks for August

In total we have 84 different teams picked by the 24 Leaguer’s this month. Man City are the top picked team this month.
League Split: In total we have 15 Premier League Teams, 22 Championship, 16 League 1, 17 League 2 and 14 picks from the National League

DIV Team Picks
EPL Man City 20
EPL Liverpool 16
EPL Arsenal 14
EC Derby 14
EPL Man United 13
EPL Chelsea 12
EC Stoke 10
EC Aston Villa 10
EC Bristol City 9
NL Salford 9

Weekends Action

A decent start to the season with a number of the so called favourites for promotion struggling. A decent amount of goals for 49 games.

49 136 2.78

Weekends Top Teams

We didn’t have to wait too long for our first bonus point wins with both Crewe and Brentford scoring at least 5. Crewe are the top performing team this round after scoring 6 goals to earn 14 points – not bad considering no one has picked them yet. The Top 10 performing teams this weekend scored 77 points, so if you had picked Crewe (you didn’t) you could have scored 91 points this round.

Crewe 14
Brentford 13
Barnsley 7
Forest Green Rovers 7
Aston Villa 6
Leeds 6
Wigan 6
Port Vale 6
Swindon 6
Doncaster 6

League Standings for August

August is typically a tough  month to predict as there is no form to go on and the transfer window is still open. That said Anthony Doyle and Chris Lovett had great starts (thanks to Brentford as their trump teams).

Top 10

1 Anthony Doyle 58
2 Chris Lovett 58
3 Barrie John 43
4 Mark Treadwell 33
5 Steve Harris 33
6 Chris Thomas 31
7 Ian Porter 31
8 Sean Davis 31
9 Craig Hodge 30
10 Gareth Thomas 30

Round 2 and Subs

This coming weekend we have the start of the premier league and a full round of fixtures (that’s 116 teams playing in 58 matches. Don’t forget that if you wish to switch some of your active teams for any subs you need to do this before Friday 7:45pm.