About League of Leagues

League of Leagues is a game I built and have played with friends and family for the last 2 years. I enjoy fantasy football games but with so many being based on players and having complex scoring systems I wanted something simpler. I also wanted something where the lower leagues were involved as there are many great teams in the English football system but only the premier league is serviced by mainstream fantasy football. League of Leagues brings more focus on the lower league teams, results and LOLF players find themselves more engrossed in the football pyramid and not just whats going on at the top of the premier league.

In League of League’s National League teams are are just as important as the Premier League – Salford City as important as Man City.

If you have any feedback about the game or want to request any future features please get in touch. info@leagueofleages.co.uk

Thanks Gareth

Fixture Data Source

We use a great free api from Football Web Pages to source all the fixtures and results data. They have a wide range of data and even a mobile app, check them out as maybe they have some info that can help you with choosing your teams for League of Leagues

Gareth Thomas

Gareth Thomas

Chief Leaguer / Admin

I’m Gareth and i created and run League of Leagues. I’m a developer by profession, a carpenter by hobby, and for my sins I’m an Arsenal Fan. I’m Welsh and follow the results of all the Welsh teams playing in the English football Pyramid.