2018-2019 League of Leagues

Welcome to the latest edition of League of Leagues. We are excited to bring you a new way to play and some exciting new features. You can now enter at any time during the month – but you will not score points for any matches that have already been played. We have also added:

  • 3 additional Sub Teams – these are included in your picks for the active month but will not score you points while they are your sub team.
  • Swap up to 3 Active teams with your sub teams each round – this helps if there is an international break or you have lost confidence in one of your active teams
  • Standings now shown for Round, Month and Season so you can monitor your progress and see how you are doing in more ways
  • Scoring is slightly different, teams will now score 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw (the same as in the league) – they will still get 1 point for every goal scored (when they win or draw) and 5 bonus points if they score 5 or more.
  • Mini Leagues – the biggest change we have made is to add mini leagues. This gives you a new way to play with your mates or co-workers.

What’s in store for August?

  • 116 Teams
  • 5 Leagues
  • 236 League of Leagues eligible games
    • 30 Premier League
    • 49 Championship
    • 48 League 1
    • 48 League 2
    • 60 National League
    • 1 Community Shield
  • 4 and a bit weekends of action.

What are the Big Games?

There are a lot of games and I’m sure there will be surprises and upsets aplenty, but here’s a selection of games we think you should pay a bit more attention too. Whether they are top of the table clashes, Derbys or simply so called big teams playing against each other – they are sure to have an impact on the points available.

EPL: Arsenal vs Man City, Chelsea vs Arsenal, Man United vs Tottenham
EC: Reading vs Derby, Stoke vs Brentford, Swansea vs Bristol City
L1: Portsmouth vs Luton, Luton vs Sunderland, Blackpool vs Accrington
L2: Northampton vs Lincoln, Exeter vs Newport, Lincoln vs Notts County
NL: Salford vs leyton Orient, Barnet vs Ebbsfleet, Havant & Waterlooville vs Salford City

Current Form

Form isn’t really a thing this early in the season but if you really want you can now check out last seasons form based on League of Leagues eligible fixtures on the form page. Remember form is no indicator of future results (especially pre-season form), and check who is playing who.

2018-2019 Entry

Entry doesn’t have a cut off date or time this season, but you will not score points for any games already played. Share with your mates and co-workers, play in a mini league and most of all enjoy playing. If you have any issues or want some new features added ping us an email or message us on facebook.