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September Week 2 – 07th-10th

Firstly sorry for the late blog this week, we’re due to have a baby and had a few things that needed doing. No Premiership or Championship games this weekend so not as many games – did you remember to sub out your teams that were not playing?

33  79  2.39

Week Team Standings

Exeter top the charts this weekend as the only team to score 5 thanks to a late goal to earn 5 bonus points. The top 10 this weekend scored 68 points, and if you were clever enough to have Exeter as a trump team you could have scored 81 points.

Exeter 13
Bury 7
Charlton 6
Peterborough 6
Blackpool 6
Cheltenham 6
Aldershot Town 6
Harrogate Town 6

Standings for Round: 6

Topping the charts with 38 this weekend is Gary Hardy – well done mate. James Marchant’s 10 points back in 2nd and Tara’s first foray into the top 3 in 3rd.

1 Gary Hardy 38
2 James Marchant 28
3 Tara Thomas 26
4 Gareth Thomas 24
5 Chris Lovett 22
Bottom 5
24 Lee hudson 5
25 Sean Davis 3
26 Andy Peasnall 0
27 David Atcheson 0
28 Dela Van Lare 0

Courtesy of too many premier league and championship teams and some bad results we have a 3 way tie at the bottom this week – Andy Peasnall, David Atcheson and Dela Van Lare.

Standings for September

Gary and James also occupy the top 2 spots for September so far with Mark Treadwell making up the top 3 – well done lads. we still have 3 weekends of action and a lot of points on offer so I expect there to be some changes.

1 Gary Hardy 83
2 James Marchant 77
3 Mark Treadwell 75
4 Gareth Thomas 66
5 Chris Lovett 66
6 Chris Thomas 62
7 Ashley Jones 58
8 Stephen Phillips 58
9 Barrie John 56
10 Sean Reeve 54

Round 7

September 14th-17th sees a full round of fixtures planned – so that’s 116 teams playing 58 games. Weekend starts with a west midlands derby as Birmingham host West Brom on Friday 7.45 and finishes with Southampton vs Brighton on Monday 8pm. Subs and trump team changes need to be in before 7.45pm on Friday. We recommend double checking the subs tab after submitting just to check that your changes were submitted ok, as there have been a couple of incidents in the last 2 weeks of some not going through. I’ll try and fix this as soon as possible but see below

Blogs and Social Media Updates

The wife is ready to drop any day now so my focus is going to be on the family. I will try my best to keep the blogs and social media updates coming and to investigate any issues but if there is a slight delay I apologise in advance. I’ll try and get someone else to do these but if not please bear with me as I adjust to a new family dynamic.