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October’s Competition

Welcome to October Edition of League of Leagues for the 2017-2018 season. This month we have 199 LofL qualifying games to wet your appetite.

Top Picks for October

In total we have 81 different teams picked by the 27 Leaguer’s this month. Man City are the top pick this month with 24 picks
League SplitIn total we have 14 Premier League Teams, 21 Championship, 18 League 1, 17 League 2 and 11 picks from the National League

EPL Man City 24
EPL Liverpool 22
EPL Arsenal 16
NL Salford 14
EPL Chelsea 14
L1 Sunderland 13
L2 Lincoln 12
L1 Peterboro 12
EPL Tottenham 12
L1 Portsmouth 11

Weekends Action

Round 10 saw a full round of fixtures and some great goals. Overall pretty average in number of goals but still a whole lot of of good football in action.

58 151 2.6034

Week Team Standings

Arsenal lead the way this week with 13 points. Just 1 team managed to score 5 or more and earn some bonus points, with 7 teams just missing out having scored 4. The top 10 this week scored 74 and if you were lucky enough to have Arsenal as your trump then you could have scored 87.

Arsenal 13
Fleetwood 7
Barnsley 7
Bournemouth 7
Tranmere Rovers 7
Salford City 7
Preston 7
West Brom 7
Aldershot Town 6
MK Dons 6

Standings for Round 10 and October

Sean Davis top the table this weekend after a very decent 57, after a terrible September it appears Sean has done some research this month. Mark Treadwell in 2nd on 53 and I’m a further 3 points back in 3rd.

The bottom of the table sees Marko prop the table up 7 points behind Chris Thomas – who seems to be having a tough time at the moment. Last Months winner Gary Hardy is also in the bottom 5, was it just luck?

1 Sean Davis 57
2 Mark Treadwell 53
3 Gareth Thomas 50
4 Andy Wilkinson 47
5 Dela Van Lare 43
6 Ashley Jones 43
Bottom 5
22 David Farrington 28
23 Sean Reeve 28
24 Gary Hardy 27
25 haydn perry 26
26 Chris Thomas 25
27 Marko Kozarevic 18

Round 11 – October Week 2

This weekend we have an international break, so a bit of advice, if you have Premier League or Championship teams, sub them out for teams from league 1, league 2 or the National League. We have a total of 30 games this weekend starting with Tranmere vs Macclesfield at 7.45pm on Friday 12th, and ending with Halifax vs Chesterfield at 17:15 on Saturday.