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August Round 2 – 10th-13th

An early update this week as there’s no relevant Monday night action. This weekend we had the return of the premier league and a full round of fixtures. So how do you think you did?

58 151 2.6034

Week Team Standings

Our first bonus point blank of the season but 5 teams came close, scoring 4 goals in their wins. Leeds, Lincoln, Liverpool, Peterborough and West Brom share the prestigious title of team of the weekend.

The top 10 this weekend scored 65 points, if you had any of the top 5 teams you could’ve scored a max of 72 points.

Liverpool 7
West Brom 7
Leeds 7
Peterborough 7
Lincoln City 7
Chelsea 6
Aston Villa 6
Gillingham 6
Cambridge 6
Doncaster 6

Standings for Round: 2

Lewis Carre tops the charts this weekend with an impressive 55. Ian Porter and Keith Parish just 3 points back in a share of 2nd. The Top 5 are all League of League newbies this month so welcome, and well done.

1 Lewis carre 55
2 Ian Porter 52
3 Keith Parish 52
4 Andy Wilkinson 47
5 Jacob Troughton 47
Bottom 5
25 Lee hudson 33
26 Barrie John 30
27 Andy Peasnall 29
28 James Marchant 29
29 Chris Lovett 20

For those who have played in the past there is something strangely comforting to see Barrie John, James Marchant and Chris ‘Im either top or bottom’ Lovett down there.

Top 10 Standings for August

A storming start to the season by Anthony Doyle, 26 points ahead of Ian Porter in 2nd and 28 ahead of me (Gareth) in third. Theres still 2 and a bit weekends of action in August so plenty of time to pull that back.

1 Anthony Doyle 104
2 Ian Porter 78
3 Gareth Thomas 76
4 Craig Hodge 74
5 Chris Thomas 74
6 David Atcheson 73
7 Keith Parish 73
8 Barrie John 73
9 Mark Treadwell 73
10 Iolo Morgan-Jones 69

Round 3

Aug 17th-20th sees a full round of fixtures planned – so that’s 116 teams playing 58 games. Weekend starts with Birmingham vs Swansea and Notts County vs Yeovil on Friday 7.45 and finishes with Crystal Palave vs Liverpool on Monday 8pm.


If you want to make substitutions these need to be made before 7.45pm on Friday. All Subs are applied at this time, any that come in after this time will not be processed until the following week.