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Every Team is Equal in League of Leagues

A fantasy football game that focus’s on the whole rather than the individual parts. 

Started in 2016, League of Leagues is a fantasy football game based on team results, accross the top 5 divisions in English Football. It has been designed to include fans of all teams rather than focus on those in the premier league. 

From Arsenal to Yeovil Town and every team in between. Pick the teams you think are going to do the best that month, and get points based on how they perform. 

How to play

Easy as 4-3-3

Pick 11 Teams

Pick your teams from Premier League, Championship, League 1, league 2 and the National League

Pick 3 Subs and Trump Team

Pick 3 sub teams (you’ll need them throughout the month), and 1 Trump Team (Double Points)

Score Points

Win: 3 Points + 1 Point for every Goal

Draw: 1 Point + 1 Point for every goal

Lose: 0

Bonus: 5 points if your team scores 5 or more



Entry is open and FREE for 2021/2022 season. Show everyone that you know more about football than they do.